Dec 29 2010

Kevin’s Girl – the final edition of 20

29 December 2010

Neo-pop is a post-modern art movement that developed during a revival of interest in Pop art in the 1980’s. This movement, also known as ‘Shock Pop Art’, was not...

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Dec 06 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi by Gavin Rain

06 December 2010

Worldart is privileged to be the first to show the result of a project that has taken Gavin Rain more than a year to refine and complete – a...

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Nov 20 2010

When colours dance

20 November 2010

When I saw this painting by Richard Scott for the first time this week I instantly fell in love. Was it the warmth of the colour combinations? The friendly...

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Nov 08 2010

SA art galleries: Coping with the recession

08 November 2010

“The game has changed” by Patrick Burnett The depressed worldwide economy has scoured a mark on South Africa art galleries – and there appears to be little relief in...

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Oct 28 2010

Un-mute my tongue – an exhibition of paintings by Ayanda Mabulu

28 October 2010

I feel privileged to host this exhibition. Ayanda is a fine talent; young, hungry and self-taught. This exhibition is an introduction to the world of a man who in...

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Sep 14 2010

Un-mute my tongue by Ayanda Mabulu

14 September 2010

A solo exhibition of new paintings by Ayanda Mabulu (pictured above) will be on show at the Worldart gallery in November 2010. Earlier this year, Mabulu was at the...

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Aug 06 2010

A star is born

06 August 2010

Over the last few years, the young Michael Taylor has quietly yet steadily built up a loyal following among the younger section of serious art collectors around the country....

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Jul 08 2010

So much to do, so little time.

08 July 2010

It is no secret that today’s most successful artists do not just create good artworks; they  also understand the world of business and excel in fields such as  marketing,...

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Jun 12 2010

Green parking meterman

12 June 2010

“I enjoy experimenting and trying out new subjects, methods and styles. The majority of my experiments go unnoticed by galleries, This, I think, is a compliment. Nonetheless, I will...

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Jun 11 2010

Ayanda Mabulu painting it as he sees it

11 June 2010

I met Ayanda Mabulu a few years ago and liked his work. Six years on, he has progressed into an artist with a confident style and something to say....

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May 16 2010

Made in RSA

16 May 2010

‘Made in R.S.A.’ is an exhibition by photographer Dale Yudelman.  Well known for his award-winning and serial convention-flouting style, this series carves out a sinister register of handmade knives...

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Apr 18 2010

Argentinian flavour at Worldart

18 April 2010

Alejandro Moiraghi, an Argentinian artist based in Buenos Aires, will be doing his first solo exhibition in South Africa at the Worldart gallery in Cape Town from 4 to...

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Mar 01 2010

Natives and Visitors

01 March 2010

Arlene Amaler-Raviv will be exhibiting new paintings and drawings at the Worldart gallery in Cape Town from 13 to 28 February. The title of the show is natives and...

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Jan 17 2010

Richard Scott’s assistants to exhibit own work

17 January 2010

Richard Scott’s assistants to exhibit own work In 2004 Richard Scott decided to set up an art foundation to help other artists. His first step was to employ two...

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Jan 08 2010

Sources I: Fairground attraction

08 January 2010

Artists: Richard Scott, Marlise Keith and more Title of show: Sources I: Fairground Attraction Venue: Worldart Gallery, 54 Church Street, Cape Town cbd Dates: 10 December – 8 January...

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