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Grant Jurius was born in 1984 in Cape Town and grew up in Elsies River, a suburb on the Cape Flats.

As a child, his exposure to art was limited to the graffiti on walls in his neighbourhood and variations experienced in the popular culture of the day. This inspired him to express himself in the same way and soon no wall (or school desk) was safe.  At the time he was greatly influenced by the positive side of hip-hop culture and graffiti, which to him represented hope for the youth and affirmed that people from marginalised communities like his, have talent and an outlet to express it.

His close proximity to marginalised communities and the social injustices that goes with it is an important source of inspiration. In this context his most recent work compares the impressions created by the media in general with the messages relayed via unedited expressions found on urban platforms like walls and trains.

The style of his work can be described as expressive and detailed street art and the fact that his work is seen as fine art where seen on the street and street art where viewed in a gallery is an interesting and relevant aspect in his quest to understand the way we are communicated to.

Jurius is also a member of Burning Museum, a collective of Cape Town based street artists who draw from peripheral experiences related to contradictions in leadership, political confusion and search of identity.


  • 2012  Lionel Davis Award – artist residency at Greatmore Studios


  • 2013  Nothing new. Worldart, Cape Town