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Richard Scott (b. 1969) lives in Cape Town.

He uses a combination of vibrant colours, thick lines and texture to create paintings with a modern and playful edge in the naive art tradition.

He is known for his entrepreneurial approach to his art practice and has worked with important brands that include Vespa, the Tutu Foundation and Woolworths (SA).


  • 1991  Qualified Technical Illustrator


  • 2004  Ekurhuleni Fine Arts Finalist Exhibition
  • 2004  Brett Keble Awards, Finalist Exhibition
  • 2003  Brett Keble Awards, Finalist Exhibition


  • 2016  Solo exhibition, Daville Baillie Gallery, Johannesburg,
  • 2014  Joyride, Vespa shop, Johannesburg
  • 2013  Solo exhibition, Vincent van Zon, Rotterdam
  • 2012  Solo exhibition, Bill & partner, Frankfurt
  • 2010  Solo exhibition, Felix pakhuis, Antwerp
  • 2008  Hypnotised, Worldart, Johannesburg
  • 2007  The beauty and the beast, Worldart, Cape Town
  • 2006  Nursery crimes, Houtbay Gallery, Cape Town
  • 2006  Solo exhibition, Hamilton Russell Vineyards, Hermanus
  • 2005  Light Years Away, Rossouw Gallery, Cape Town
  • 2004  Pop goes the easel, VEO Gallery, Cape Town