World Art     

An exhibition of new paintings by Catherine Ocholla

Catherine Ocholla is a painter's painter. This graduate from Michaelis School of Fine Art has impressed and inspired many with her sensitive interpretations on canvas and her latest paintings will do the same.

Her solo exhibition will opened at Worldart's Black Box gallery on Thursday 2 October and is titled The Trip.

"The Trip" suggests departure, a journey and a destination. In this series the artist goes nowhere. The source material consists of night-time TV series stills divorced of any narrative.

"Remote in hand, I'm on a surreal safari, chasing the light. To the viewer, I may be documenting movement and interaction. But in reality there is no travel. Contrasts, incidental backgrounds and accidental arrangements take the viewer on a different journey" says Ocholla.

The Trip opens on October month's First Thursday gallery night and concludes on 21 October 2014.