World Art     

New exhibition by Marlise Keith: Difficult things

A solo exhibition by Marlise Keith opens on Thursday 5 October at the Worldart gallery on Church Street. The exhibition, titled Difficult things, consists of artworks in which she used sketching and sowing to create images and sculptures that explore a world where she pursued "difficult things".

"We live a life consumed by things that we have to do, some menial and some not. The ideal, however, is to allow oneself to also operate "in the extreme" where one can share and manipulate ideas without excuses. This is where one deals with "difficult things". Painting and drawing allows me to do this and it is on these terms that I indulge without pretention or pretext, pushing and probing to create this world called Difficult things," says Marlise Keith.

Difficult Things opens on November month's First Thursday gallery night and concludes on 26 October 2015.