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New exhibition: Lacrymal by Arouni

Lacrymal is a word that relates to tears. Tears are many things, of which sadness is only one. Joy, fear, excitement, anger - they're all relevant.  It is a beautiful word, shrouded in mystery.

Lacrymal is also the title of French born Cape Town based artist Arouni's solo exhibition that opens at the Worldart gallery in Cape Town on Thursday 6 November.

Her paintings introduce a world of robotic figures with an emotional touch. "In adult life we play and we parade…with masks. Would the children that we were, be satisfied with the adult that we have become?" she asks.

Arouni is a self-taught artist who discovered painting during her adolescence. She worked for several years as a make-up artist in Paris (fashion shows/photo shoots/ body painting) before she moved to Tokyo and later Cape Town where she has been living since 2007.

Lacrymal concludes on 29 November 2014.