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New exhibition by Kimathi Mafafo: Withdrawn

A solo exhibition by Kimathi Mafafo opens on Thursday 3 September at the Worldart gallery on Church Street.

The exhibition, titled Withdrawn, consists of a series of paintings that features a woman of urban existence - her name is Aziwe - portrayed surrounded by plants and flowers, withdrawn from the harshness of the city.

Her first painting was a still life composition of flowers in a vase. This was the beginning of a long love affair with painting flowers that taught her to paint with intensity and attention to detail. She often uses them as a design element in her work.

“I made lush canvasses dominated by green to interpret femininity, delicateness and peacefulness. We all experience a desire to escape this fast paced ugliness that sometimes clash with our souls and I used the combination of nature and this woman whose shape and features I love to try and create that mood,” says Mafafo.

Witdrawn opens on September month’s First Thursday gallery night and concludes on 25 September 2015.