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Ask for what you want - a new work exhibition by Lady Skollie

Laura Windvogel has spent the past 2 years producing work revolving around the themes of gender roles, sex, greed and lust. With the pseudonym of Lady Skollie, Windvogel explores the complexities of expectations we project onto our romantic and sexual interactions. By highlighting her own, sometimes unrealistic, expectations of these interactions, Windvogel invites the viewer to do the same. The confessional structure of Ask for What You Want emphasizes the importance of familiarizing yourself with your own desire.

After graduating with a degree in History of Art and Dutch Literature from the University of Cape Town, Windvogel has exhibited at the Michael Stevenson Gallery (Cpt), Hazard Gallery (Jhb) , the Association for Visual Arts and various independent creative project spaces.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 02 July and concludes on Thursday 30 July 2015.