World Art     


Juan Voges, aka Rooiwolf, is a young artist with an eye for simplicity in beauty. He is also an artist with a busy mind, which explains why these pure and simple images seem so loaded.

The name of his exhibition that opened at the Worldart gallery on Thursday 2 April, Leg'kaarte, is a reference to the Afrikaans word for puzzles. It expresses his fascination with memory, subjectivity and the chemical elements that influence and manage these processes. Sculptures placed on photographic paper exposed from different angles serve as a metaphor for these ideas.

"I am inspired by A-symmetrical forms and spaces and by surrealism. I am also intrigued by analogue photography and darkroom techniques and enjoy exploring different mediums in alchemy," he says.

This will be his first solo exhibition. It concludes on April 30 2015.