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Akrasia: a new solo exhibition opening by Marlise Keith

Marlise Keith is known for artworks that are dark yet make you smile. Her new solo exhibition that opens next week on First Thursdays at the Worldart gallery in Cape Town will be no different. The theme of this exhibition is 'akrasia' an ancient Greek term referring to the lack of will that keeps us from doing what we know is good for us."I decided to make drawings of my alarming akrasia. I scratched the surface and there they were - the very things that pause and leech my will, none of them good." she says.

The show consists of drawings and sculptures made in the past year and are intricate, dark and funny. "These works are transcripts of my hobbling along from one belief to the next, trying to rescue and rehabilitate, to make for better being. I know I am not alone in the effort for a better being and invite you to scratch along." says Keith.

Marlise Keith based in Cape Town and work in ink, pencil and acrylics on canvas, also with assemblage, combining found objects and fabric to create small sculptures. Her work is influenced by people, her surroundings and aspects of her personal life. Dreams play an important role in many works, where she captures often disturbing but mostly surreal moments in small, detailed areas of her larger works.

This exhibition is titled 'Akrasia' and opens on Thursday 3 November at the Worldart gallery at 54 Church Street in Cape Town where it will be on show till 1 December 2016.