Looking at you | Ink on fabriano 104cm X 73cm 2016 | SOLD

Looking at you | Ink on fabriano 104cm X 73cm 2016 | SOLD


Laura Windvogel has spent the past three years producing work revolving around the themes of gender roles, sex, greed and lust. With the pseudonym of Lady Skollie, Windvogel explores the complexities of expectations we project onto our romantic and sexual interactions. By highlighting her own, sometimes unrealistic, expectations of these interactions, Windvogel invites the viewer to do the same.

After graduating with a degree in History of Art and Dutch Literature from the University of Cape Town, Windvogel has exhibited at Worldart, The Stevenson Gallery (Cpt), Hazard Gallery (Jhb) , the Tyburn Gallery (London) and various independent creative project spaces.

“These works are entirely inspired by the life and tragedy of Sarah Baartman and the manner in which we consume and objectify the female form.

In this selfie driven era, the gaze on the booty is a never ending cycle. Baartman being the star of her own freak show, Hottentot Venus, kidnapped from her motherland for her extraordinary derriere and put on show for male consumption sends echoes through history in the way women are still perceived. The platform for objectification has shifted, no longer on a physical stage or cage but in a digital realm.

Instagram is technically just another cage right?

During Pornhub’s 2014-2015 year in review, statistics showed a 486% increase in popularity for the search ‘Big booty’.

Booty is a big deal.” – Laura Windvogel aka Lady Skollie


  • 2014 Certificate in Business Acumen for Artists, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

  • 2009 BA in History of Art and Dutch Literature, University of Cape Town


  • 2017 Lust Politics, Tyburn Gallery, London, UK.

  • 2015 One-Night, Worldart Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

  • 2015 Vroeg Ryp, Vroeg Vrot, Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 2014 Skattie Celebrates, Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.




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