Better & Better by NORMAN O’FLYNN A solo exhibition at the Worldart gallery (54 Church Street, Cape Town) from 4 to 25 May 2017. Better & Better, Norman O’Flynn’s anticipated 2017 solo exhibition, opens at the Worldart gallery on 4 May.

The works, in his characteristic pop art style, explore popular culture and our place in it while the world is changing faster than ever before. Titled Better & Better, this exhibition continues O Flynn’s narrative of what pop art means today. Modern consumerism is so rife that consumers have become the product – fuelled by the digital world, consumers aim to project themselves as the ultimate desirable entity. The human physique is both platform and subject in these portraits which tell the story of chaos, time and self-obsession. Our spirituality is now central to popular culture where humans play God and God is Superman. Confusion reigns yet we are glorified. His subjects are covered in tattoos illustrating our want to explain who we are and our obsession to be different. The portraits are busy and crowded, showing the explosion of knowledge that the digital age brought. Everything is easily accessible and easy to consume: life is better and better – or is it? Norman O’Flynn (b. 1971) lives and works in Cape Town as a painter, sculptor and all round constructor. He has a deep understanding of and love for the pop art tradition and explores what this genre means today. He refers to topics that have become relevant in the last decade and expresses it in a visual language ranging from familiar religious and pop iconography to celebrity culture and self-love.

• 1988-1992 BA Fine Arts, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, South Africa COMPETITIONS & AWARDS
• 2007 ABSA L’Atelier finalist • 2006 Pro Helvetia Swiss Residency Fellowship
• 2005 ABSA L’Atelier finalist
• 2004 Brett Kebble Art Awards finalist
• 2004 ABSA L’Atelier finalist
• 1992 Irma Stern Award for Excellence in Printmaking SOLO EXHIBITIONS
• 2016 The good, the bad and the BOOM! Worldart, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2015 BANG BANG BOOM. Diedericks Faber. Johannesburg / Cape Town, South Africa
• 2012 Guardians. Worldart, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2010 Deep Down we all want to rob a Bank. Erdmann Contemporary. Cape Town, South Africa.
• 2009 The World Needs Me. Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2007 Never Too Late To Be A Man, Bell Roberts Contemporary, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2005 The Bull and Other Stories, Bell Roberts Contemporary, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2005 Currency, AVA, Association for Visual Art, Cape Town, South Africa
• 2004 Behind The Tent, Thapong, Gabarone, Botswana

For more information contact Charl Bezuidenhout at or on 082 901 5045.

Warren Maroon