24 May 2018

Geon: A group exhibition featuring new works by Faatimah Mohamed-Luke, Nkuli Mlangeni and Renee Rossouw. Geometric design has been central to the work of these three female artists. For the group exhibition Geon, each artist brings their unique artistic practice in an exploration of the genre. Working in different mediums, each artist will present new works in their signature style. Faatimah Mohammed-Luke uses plastic building blocks to create pieces that sit on the border of painting and sculpture. Renee Rossouw works using the linocut printing technique to create intricate patterns. Nkuli Mlangeni uses mohair to create rugs that are works of art in their own right. The title for the exhibition Geon refers to Irving Bierderam’s theory ‘recognition by components’ which hypothesizes that when looking at complex patterns or objects the brain breaks them down into simple geons or shapes in order to process them more easily. The exhibition will present a series of new works combining geons in numerous ways to create entirely new objects and patterns. Geon opens on Cape Town’s popular art night First Thursdays 7 June and will run until 28 June 2018.

For more information contact Carlyn Strydom at or on 021 423 3075

Warren Maroon